Inside the data center thousands of small computer fans hum and blow air, creating an ambient noise. C7 has researched ways to control and modify ambient noise inside a data center through Active Noise Control (ANC).

Data Center Ambient Noise

Noise in a data center has grown as computing platforms have become more dense and require large and robust cooling fans. The need for data center noise reduction is industry-wide as the ambient noise affects those working in and around thousands of servers. Also affected is the ability of customers to hear what a guide is saying during a tour of a data center. Finding a reasonable solution to reducing data center noise would be widely appreciated by all data center providers and customers. It isn’t a critical issue to resolve, but a comfort-level issue that makes doing business all the more enjoyable.

In order to improve verbal communication in the data center and to create a more enjoyable working environment, C7 Data Centers has teamed up with Dr. Scott Sommerfeldt of Brigham Young University’s Acoustics Research Group to explore possibilities and solutions.

ANC Research

Reducing data center noise isn’t the easiest thing to do. Here are a few examples of what will have to be considered while finding a solution.

  • Any of the materials used have to disperse heat well and cannot disrupt the flow of air on the data center floor.
  • The room has a concrete and corrugated metal ceiling, and a raised floor and hard, flat walls which do not absorb sound well.
  • Materials used to control or modify the sound cannot set off the sensitive very early warning fire detection systems or other sensors throughout the data center.
  • No modifications to the equipment in the room may be made.
  • The solution has to be cost effective and easy to implement and maintain.

A feasibility study has been completed and is available for download: C7 Data Centers ANC Feasibility Study