Highlights of C7′s power delivery system include:

  • Multiple substations providing power
  • Generator and battery backup
  • True A/B redundant
  • Filtered power for smooth, clean delivery

Power Delivery

Providing power is a critical part of a data center’s responsibility. Computing platforms are becoming more power intensive as companies depend evermore on their IT infrastructure as part of their business processes. Developing a redundant, high density power delivery system becomes increasingly critical for data center growth and sustainability.

Typically, a data center will include several layers of redundancy to ensure uninterrupted power delivery. Providing backup generators, UPS and ATS systems are a popular measure for ensuring uninterrupted power supply. To further reduce the effect of a catastrophic event, some companies will choose to run a hot site in a disaster safe region to ensure a high level of availability for their IT infrastructure.

Power Sources

C7 Data Centers receives its power from a variety of sources, including coal burning power plants, nuclear, natural gas and wind energy. Using efficient technologies, C7 is exceptional at managing power consumption and can be considered a green data center.

For more pictures and information on C7 Data Centers Power Delivery Systems, please view C7′s Power Delivery Systems or C7′s Power Systems Diagram PDF.

Power Systems Overview

C7 Data Centers has taken significant measures to provide a world class power delivery system. Some of the design features and highlights of this system are listed below:

• True A/B power delivery system throughout the data center.
• Physical separation for the A & B UPS and ATS systems which enhance the survival of either should a problem occur with one or the other.
• Dual substation feeds to multiple entry points into the building, with redundancy to the first tier within the power grid.
• The power supplied within the data center has been scrubbed and cleaned to remove power spikes and provide a consistent, smooth flow to your hardware.
• Over engineered power delivery for increasingly dense computing platforms.
• One of the least expensive cost per KW of any area in the country.
• Location in a disaster safe geography to reduce the risk of a catastrophe.
• Strict schedule of preventative maintenance and operational checks for diesel generators, Automatic Transfer Switches, UPS systems, batteries, breaker panels, PDU’s and RPP’s, and Transformers.
• True grounding throughout the data center delivered to each cabinet.
• Power monitoring and usage history available through our online customer portal.