Highlights of C7′s disaster recovery solutions include:

  • Disaster safe geographic region
  • Cloud computing and hybrid solutions
  • Variety of solutions from cold backup to hot mirrored site
  • Proprietary cold-aisle cooling technology
  • HIPAA, SSAE 16 Type II, PCI Compliance
  • Facilities located near Intl. airport
  • High connectivity, BGP best path routing
  • Multiple Tier 1 carriers, 10 Gb ports
  • High availability (n+1)
  • Multiple substations provide power
  • Experience on-site staff for remote hands

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Cloud computing has made disaster recovery solutions affordable. Previously, only a select few companies could afford to have hardware redundancy in a remote location. Now, solutions that were once prohibitive, due to high costs, can be virtualized and scaled up as needed. C7 gives you the cost savings and scalability of cloud computing in a world-class facility located in a disaster free zone.

The Goodwill and Trust of Your Customers
Your Data, Revenue and Reputation

Planning a Solution

There are a number of tools and configurations that make up an effective disaster recovery solution. Depending on the configuration, the downtime window duration can be several hours or days or be an instantaneous switch over.

To craft a disaster recovery solution that meets your needs and resources requires that you answer these two questions:

How much can I spend?
How long can I be down?

Virtualizing Your Solution

Looking at the scale above, your disaster recovery requirements will probably fall somewhere between having a remote cold site to having a remote hot site that is live.

Depending on your needs, a customized disaster recovery solution could be very expensive and hardware intensive. Disaster recovery solution costs increase as the switch over times decrease. Virtualizing your disaster recovery solution with C7′s private cloud will help lower costs as physical resources are shared (RAM, CPU time, etc.).

Customizing Your Solution

C7 allows you to choose any of the disaster recovery solutions shown above and then implement that solution at the lowest possible cost.

Advantages of disaster recovery with C7 include:

  • Location in world-class data center facility
  • HIPAA, SSAE 16 Type II, PCI Compliance
  • Disaster safe geographic location of the U.S.
  • Low cost, highly scalable virtualization alternatives
  • Low latency BGP best path routing
  • Experienced on-site staff for remote hands

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